Hydrating Cream with Jaluronic Acid 1.07 Oz. / 50 ml.


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Product Description

The Jaluronic acid is an elastic-viscous polysaccharide that is always present in the intercellular matrix in almost all human tissues. It is identical in all species and in all kinds of tissue and does not determine immunogenic, inflammatory or tissue reactions; the result being the absence of allergic reactions in subjects sensitive to collagen or supposed to be so from their anamnesis.

Wrinkles that can be treated are the following:

• Horizontal Wrinkles of the forehead,
• Vertical wrinkles of the glabell (area between eyebrows).
• Periocular wrinkles (Around eyes).
• Wrinkles at the nostrils.
• Nasolabial wrinkles (above lip).
• Vertical perioral wrinkles (around mouth).
• Highly effective when applied to lips.

The Jaluronic Acid is a biological component and therefore completely natural .

It is logical that after a certain length of time the wrinkles can reappear. The durability depends on various factors (individual metabolism, sun, stress, sudden weight loss, etc.): therefore it is advisable to continually use the Jaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream in order to preserve the results obtained over the time.

Research has shown that after about 10 – 12 weeks 80 % of the treated face zones already shows a moderate to moderate plus correction of the treated skin.


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